On Russell Daylily Catalog Listing

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Absolutely Fabulous An Unusual petaloid double that is cream/melon with a burgundy eye swirled and mixed through out the flower.. Truly Absolutely Fabulous 1996 10
Ada May Musick TET 6.75" Sev EM Re 34" (Mildred Mitchell x Mal) This huge bloom honors a grandmother of 93 years who has always loved flowers. Extra large petals of light pink lavender and lighter sepals are set off by a cream outer edge and a gorgeous pale blue inner edge & eye against a very green throat. ADA MAY MUSICK sings with great plant habits, 5-way branching, 30 buds, fertile. 2003 10
Admiral's Braid An amazing piece of breeding and it really shows the edge on this daylily is solid gold. When I saw this plant I knew I had to have it right away. 1990 10
Amadeus Just like the name Amadeus is truly a master daylily. Kirchhoff has created a stunning beauty with its deep apple red color, yellow throat and beautiful form 1981 8
Arkansas Post This pink beige flower stands elegantly with its deep orchid eyezone and green throat in any garden. Itís a classic beauty for your mid season daylily display. 1965 8
Arrive At Five Pale cream with violet eyezone and green throat. 1996 10
Art Gallery Quilling Unusual Form Crispate, Red with light red watermark and green throat 1998 25
Aspire Burgundy with cream gold reverse eye and gold edge above green heart throat. 1999 15
Avante Garde Avante Garde reminds me almost of a amaryllis flower, with its buttery apple red color. I guess like the name says it is honestly avante garde. 1986 10
Baracuda Bay Talk about teeth this beauty will snap at you if you get too close, mauve with a darker mauve eye and golden teeth around the edge 1996 15
Becky Lynn If you like rosey pink flowers Becky Lynn should be on your list. The flower is an amazing rose blend with beautiful green throat. 1977 10
Beloved Deceiver Pink with rose red eyezone and green throat. 1996 10
Bernice Watt What a sight to behold this beauty with a base buttery color is overlayed with a rose blush washing over the petals. The diamond dusting sparkles in the light of day surrounded by the thick ruffled edge that is bound in gold. Named for my maternial grandmother. 2012 60
Best Kept Secret Image a rose pink flower sitting elgantly in your garden quietly displaying its coral rose watermark and lightly ruffled petals. Like the idea? Well it really is a best kept secret. 1990 10
Big Bear Hugs Big and tight this intersting shaped double will embrace any place you have for it in your garden setting 2012 60
Boagie A unique flower with scapes at different levels. A large peach with darker peach veining and a light lavender ruffled edge. Combined with a gold throat extending out onto the segments makes this a classic. 1982 8
Bold Tiger Bold Tiger is one of my favorites in the garden, its orange background with red eye will catch you off gard like a tiger waiting to pounce. 1990 10
Bologongo Even before Bologongo flowered the first time I could tell it was going to be stunning. Although its not registered as a UFO I would say the form is just that. Loaded with blooms for months on end Bologongo is one of my favorites. 1986 10
Border Sentry This is a delicate addition that you need to make. A crisp clean delicate pink flower adds a touch of class to any area you plant it in. 1995 10
Cafe Society Large blooms are what this is all about. Melon colored blooms are an elegant touch to this society style flower. 1982 10
Carpenter Shavings Like carpenter shavings the blooms on this one are all over the place. A powerhouse bloomer that just keeps on going and going. To boot this is a double. What a deal! 1976 8
Carrara Marble Carrara Marble is a unique blending of mauve and cream lavender, its cream lemon watermark and green yellow throat finish off this delicate princess of the garden. 1982 8
Chance Encounter Simple, beautiful and as soon as you have an encounter with it you will know why its in our catalog. It reminds me of a sunny easter morning. 1994 10
Cherry Chapeau Not that this will we worn as a hat but you could always throw it on your sun hat in the garden and look grand. Cherry red in color with a chalky yellow red eye. 1983 12
Chicago Apache 1981 8
Chicago Gold Strike Marsh struck gold when this one bloomed and wow it was a large nugget. 6 1/4 inch blooms of gold give this one the wow factor that will spice up any area. 1981 9
Chicago Royal Robe 1977 8
Christmas Ribbon Long red strands look like you could take them and actually wrap them around your gift. But this is truly a gift for your garden. 1991 10
Craig Green Dark burgundy flowers with lighter burgundy sepals. A cool yellow center extends from the deep green throat, and follows the midribs. The petal edges are surrounded by a golden yellow ruffled edge that sports large golden yellow sharks teeth. 2004 25
Damian Carlton Jewell TET 35" Mid Season SemiEvergreen 6"bloom Velvet purple black color with a gold chartreuse throat. Black veining. Diamond dusted with a white midrib. A truly royal looking plant to honor a loyal life long friend and companion. $40 from the sale of this plant goes to support the Humane Society of Kawartha Lakes. 2010 40
Dave Money Easily one of my favorites when it blooms. I love the crispate form it takes and the color combination is truly special. 1992 10
Destined To See 1998 10
Dine At Nine Pink cream with violet eyezone and green throat. 1996 10
Double It Double it is a golden double unlike condilla which is more of a pompon form this flower had a huge stacked flower. 1979 15
Double Pompon Just like the name says double pompon is a salmon pink ruffly blend and almost a pompon shaped flower. 1972 10
Double River Wye A faint creamy yellow double. To me the flower comes across with almost a fluffy texture. 1982 8
Dragon Fire Breath Just like the wings of a dragon, Dragon fire breath opens up into one of the most amazing forms that I have seen. A purply red wine color with a large throat. 1999 15
Dragon King Mandarin red self w/vivid green throat. Beautiful form, not to be missed check out the picture you will love it. 1992 10
Duchess of Orono This is my signal that its drawing to the end. Dutchess is one of the last to flower but when it does it adds that color and texture to the garden that we need in late summer. A soft pale pink with a rose eye and a chartreuse throat. 1999 15
Evening Dew (Strutters Ball x Nivia Guest 4-94) 39" Mid-Late. Dormant. This 5", velvety, dark purple with a dark purple outline around the chartreuse throat attracted attention in our garden. It has 4 way branching and is very fragrant. 1999 10
Exotic Candy This is another in the candy series from the Stamile collection. A blush pink background and darker eye brings to mind the beauty of tropical island flowers. 1995 12
Eye Catching Cream with purple eyezone and edge above a green throat. 1997 12
Family Jewels This is a jewel of a daylily by an Ontario Hybridizer. The beautiful red eye sits proudly on the background of this plant as bloom after bloom opens up. 2005 15
Fire in the Sky This daylily soars above the rest with its dark purple red base and black overlay. A slight ruffled edge accentuates its charm as it reaches up towards the sky and sets your skies ablaze 2012 60
Frances Joiner A soft pink to apricot blend makes this double an incredible award winning daylily that should be in everyone's garden 1988 12
Gemini This is a double fan everyone needs in their garden. This shrimp pink flower adds a classic elegance to every spot you place it in your garden 1979 10
Hayfield Midnight 2005 Introduction A velvet, slightly puckered texture enhances the deep colour. 2005 15
Hot Town Have you ever looked outside and seen something in your garden and was so shocking that you had to run outside just to see what it was. Thatís Hot town. The brilliance of this daylily in bloom dragged me outside like a magnet the first time it flowered. Its firey red orange bloom will set your gardens ablaze. 1982 10
Hot Wire This bright orange daylily with a touch of fire red in it is an incredible hot plant for your garden. 1986 10
Italian Sunglasses A striking flower by any other name Italian Sunglasses sits tall above a lot of other daylilies with its dark red to mahogany base and sporting a near black chevron eye hovering above a brilliant yellow to green throat. 2012 75
Japanese Brocade This is a rose red with a starburst tea stain eyezone of a light yellow-rose yellow green throat with a gold rim 1983 12
Julie Newmar Pastel peach with purple spider web washed eye and purple outlined gold edge above yellow to green throat. 2000 25
Lavender Dew Like the morning dew this lavender blend bloom will be there to greet you with your morning coffee as you stroll through the garden. This is a great performer and will continually greet you for days on end. 1976 7
Little Maggie Rose with burgundy eyezone and green throat. 1981 10
Magic Elf This beautiful little dormant is an interesting study in patterned eyes. An outer ring of fuchsia, a middle ring of lavender and an inner ring of purple makes this lavender pink a fascinating study. 2005 25
Mango Time Orange with red eyezone and green throat 1996 15
Man's Best Friend TET 28" Mid Season SemiEvergreen 6.5" bloom. Instant rebloomer. Creamy peach base with a purple eyezone broken by a white starburst midrib and a dark purple/black ruffled edge. In hot weather Man's Best Friend shows its knobs and teeth more pronounced than normal. Extended bloom season. $50 dollars from the sale of each plant go to support the Humane Society of Kawartha Lakes 2011 50
Maureen's Rainbow Cream flesh mauve blend with violet mauve eye above green throat. 1999 10
Milk Chocolate Milk chocolate shade of brown with a darker brown eye over a yellow throat. 1967 10
Misha's Purple Elephant This mauve beauty casts a warm glow over the garden with it's chalky purple grey eye zone with a pencil red outline above a green throat, through its breading it brings ahead the slightly ruffled black purple edge. 2012 60
Moments of Intrigue Orange with red eye and edge above green throat. 2001 12
Moonlit Maquerade Cream with a dark purple eyezone and green throat. A striking award winning daylily 12
Nosferatu Oversized flower of the richest deep purple you can find. Dracula would be proud to have this purple on his cape. Perfect name for the perfect flower. 1990 10
Odds and Ends Lavender violet blend with chartreuse throat. Terrific consistent performer . Lovely clear color and opens well all the time. Long bloom period too! 1999 10
Panama Jack Wow you need a big plant? Very tall, very big flowers and very yellow. Donít plant this one at the front of the garden, perfect background plant. 1998 10
Pandora's Box This one is simple white with a purple throat. Low grower great increaser and excellent flower abundance in our gardens. 1980 8
Pearl Harbor A fabulous light cream yellow to near white flower trimmed in gold ruffles and bubbles. The gold edging is extremely ruffled and pleated. An extremely vigorous grower 1997 10
Primal Scream Primal Scream introduced by C. Hanson in 1994. 7Ĺ inch blooms on 34 inch scapes. Hot orange Stout Silver Medal 2003 Dormant. Blooms Mid Late season. Honorable Mention 1997. Award of Merit 2000. Lambert Webster Award for best Unusual Form Cultivar 2001. Stout Silver Medal 2003. 1994 30
Radiation Biohazard The only thing that you will have to worry about with this incredible spider is missing once of its amazing blooms. Just like a radiation sign this plant has alternating colors of yellow and red. An incredible flower that is honestly one of my favorite spiders 2000 15
Red Ribbons Like red ribbons waving in the breeze this spider has deep red petals and a wonderful yellow throat 1964 10
Return to Silence Cream pink polychrome with green throat. 1996 10
Rocket Man This ruby red spider self with chartreuse throat is just like it sounds, bloom after bloom seems to burst out of this amazing UFO form daylily. Its one amazing plant and a must for any garden. Long bloom time and an amazing 9 inch bloom. 1991 15
Royal Eventide Medium violet edged lavender with deeper halo and citron green throat. 1985 10
Royal Palace Prince Rose lavender blooms display lighter lavender cream watermarks and bright yellow green throats. Slightly ruffled and frosted. Fit for a king named for a prince. 1993 10
Salzburg Another Munson classic I just love the deep reds. Muson describes this treasure as red self with yellow green throat. 1990 10
Sandy Yudin A honest to goodness all time favorite. Its pale pink flower is set off by the striking darker eye that surrounds the flowers yellow throat making it well worth the time to stop and admire. 1997 9
Sarah Ste. Claire Young This rose purple flower with a yellow to green throat displays its dark purple band broken by the white midrib. The outer edge of the flower is heavily ruffled in dark purple, fading to white, then a diamond dusted gold. 2013 90
Siloam Button Box Part of the Siloam Series this one is cute as a button. Almost while with a mahogany feathery eye 1976 8
Speckles And now for something different. Ever seen a speckled daylily? Well here it is you will think someone splashed paint on it but your wrong a red base with yellow splashes of color make this an interesting addition 1998 15
Stairway to Heaven Cream yellow with wine red eyezone above yellow green throat. 1994 10
Susie Tee This one is a pretty little girl a small purple flower with a darker purple eye ruffled and edged in the dark purple of the eye. (limited) 2005 25
Sweet Puppy Kisses DIP 40" Mid Season Dormant 5" bloom. Butter Yellow double flowers that bounce and dance in the breeze like puppys jumping around playing. Fast increaser to form clumps. $40 from the sale of each plant goes to benefit Humane Society of Kawartha Lakes. 2011 25
Tooth Purple with lilac halo and white tooth edge above green yellow throat. 2000 10
Unconditional Hugs Warm and inviting in any garden setting the beautiful double will wrap you in its warm unconditional hug with its melon colour and a slightly ruffled edge, no conditions its all unconditional 2012 60
Vicious Pink Hands back and don't lean in to sniff at this one. A dark almost electric pink with a darker rose eyezone is accented with a thin golden toothy edge. It is truly eye catching in the garden and stands out with it's brilliant coloring. 2012 75
Watchyl Dancing Spider I personally have a love for spiders and this one is no exception. Watchyl's long petals of yellow and mahogany spiral through the garden, truly remarkable. 1994 10
Which Way Jim This strong bloomer is well worth having in the garden, such a deep purple you might almost think it was black. Contrasting against its yellow throat makes this one a knockout. 1992 10
Yellow Mammoth These lemon-yellow blooms are huge, often over 10 inches across, and are very fragrant, too. The plants are just as majestic in height at over 3 feet and exhibit good vigor and branching. The flowers have spoon shaped petals with wavy ruffled edges. If you want your daylily to make a statement, give this one a try. 1984 10